Geospatial and OGC to feature at Apache: Big Data Europe

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The Apache Software Foundation will hold a conference on Big Data technology in Sevilla, Spain, November 14 to 16. For the second time, this conference will have a track dedicated to the geospatial aspects of big data.

OGC's own Dr Ingo Simonis will present on the role of APIs in Standardised Environments:

A number of technologies have evolved around big data, in particular products from the Apache community such as Hadoop, Storm, Spark, Hive, or Cassandra. The geospatial community has developed a range of standards to handle geospatial data in an efficient way. Most of these standards are produced by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and implemented in the form of domain-agnostic data models and Web services. With the emerging demand for streamlined APIs, new questions emerge how access to Big Data in the geospatial community can be handled most efficiently, how existing standards serve these new demands, and implementation realities with distributed Big Data repositories operated e.g. by the various space agencies. This presentation should stimulate the discussion of geospatial Big Data handling in standardized environments and explore the role of products from the Apache community.

All geospatial presentations are scheduled for Monday 14th November. They are (in chronological order):

In addition to the geospatial track, the Apache Big Data conference features about 100 presentations on different aspects of Big Data. For more information, including the schedule and registration, visit: