A retrospective on the OGC Interoperability Program: "Innovation in OGC"

A history of the OGC Interoperability Program was just published the the ISPRS International Journal of GeoInformation (IJGI).  The article was written by the four people who have served as Executive Directors of the program:  Jeff Harrison, Nadine Alameh, Terry Idol and George Percivall.

This is the abstract of the paper:

The OGC Interoperability Program is a source of innovation in the development of open standards. The approach to innovation is based on hands-on collaborative engineering leading to more mature standards and implementations. The process of the Interoperability Program engages a community of sponsors and participants based on an economic model that benefits all involved. Each initiative begins with an innovative approach to identify interoperability needs followed by agile software development to advance the state of technology to the benefit of society. Over eighty initiatives have been conducted in the Interoperability Program since the breakthrough Web Mapping Testbed began the program in 1999. OGC standards that were initiated in Interoperability Program are the basis of two thirds of the OGC certified compliant products. 

The "Innovation in OGC" article appears in a Special Issue of IJGI:  "20 Years of OGC: Open Geo-Data, Software, and Standards.”  OGC member Steve Liang was a guest editor for the special issue.  The special issue also contains the article "OGC Consensus: How Successful Standards Are Made” written by Carl Reed, Kurt Buehler and Lance McKee.