Successful GeoPackage Webinar follows GeoPackage Launch

Last week's GeoPackage Webinar, produced by Directions Media, drew 940 registrants, and 406 of these attended live. In a questionnaire, most of the registered geospatial information managers, developers and practitioners surveyed reported that they plan to use software that implements the OGC GeoPackage Standard that was first announced last month.

This strong show of interest indicates, we believe, that GeoPackage meets an important market need. OGC's GeoPackage, an open standard based on the widely used free and open source SQLite database, gives mainstream application developers an easy mechanism for accessing both GIS data and raster data in a format that can be used directly by mobile devices such as smartphones. Developers who are not geospatial experts can implement this standard to provide inexpensive and innovative location information solutions for any user community – government, business enterprise, science or consumers.

A "GeoPackage" is a container for shapefiles, raster imagery, GPS coordinates, map tiles, floor plans or almost any other kind of spatial data. It streamlines applications that make use of solutions and Web services implementing OGC Web Services interface and encoding standards, and yet it also, very importantly, supports mobile applications that may operate in environments that involve intermittent network access, or no network access at all. A key design requirement for GeoPackage was the requirement to support a wide range of applications running on resource-constrained mobile devices. One result is that GeoPackages can be sent via email, text message, or Web link as well as communication channels between geospatial clients and servers.

The GeoPackage webinar was recorded and can be viewed and listened to by visiting this page on the Directions Media website. If you want to learn more, please visit or send me an email. I hope GeoPackage will help you do what you need to do with geospatial information.