Lingling Ge: OGC’s First Intern Ready for Next Challenge

I feel very fortunate to have supervised our Consortium’s first university intern, Lingling Ge.  Lingling’s part time internship position began in February 2013. We invited her to work for 4 months, but then extended that for three more months after she graduated in May, with honors, from Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s graduate program in Marketing and Technological Innovation. Her internship with us ended on 30 August 2013 , and she’s interviewing now with various high tech companies. She quickly understood our industry collaboration business goals and has become an enthusiastic supporter of the Consortium mission.  She would be a tremendous asset for any company or organization in the OGC community, particularly those with interests and ambitions in China.


I first tasked Lingling with updating our press coverage page, which involved entering recent articles’ links in OGC’s Drupal-based content management system. To help with our Knowledge Management effort she also created document metadata and keywords so that visitors will be able to find links to relevant articles from various pages in our website.

She updated our domain media lists and created new media lists for us, identifying the target publications in new domains such as Emissions Trading and Oil and Gas. (Watch for news about new OGC initiatives in these domains!) We use our domain lists to reach the editors of magazines and blogs in the various industries we serve. She updated contacts of editors in Asia, Europe, and America, and our domain lists now include Chinese publications in most of these domains.

Lingling suggested and implemented ideas for promoting OGC’s “Student Map App Challenge” competition, doubling the number of registrants in only one week.

She critiqued OGC’s website from the perspective of user experience and submitted a very professional proposal for improvements. Her proposal will be an important source of ideas for us as we embark on a major website update in the coming year.

We extended Lingling’s internship so that she could implement ideas she suggested for improving OGC’s visibility in China. She translated OGC’s Wikipedia entry and edited it as necessary, through many iterations with editors, to create an OGC entry in Baidu Baike (百度百科), the main Chinese counterpart to Wikipedia. She also successfully posted an OGC entry in the other major Chinese encyclopedia websites: Chinese wikipedia (维基百科), Hudong Baike (互动百科), Sousou Baike (搜搜百科), and Zhongwen Baike Zaixian (中文百科在线).

And she persuaded the editor of 3SWorld, a Chinese GPS/GIS/Remote sensing navigational website, to include the OGC in their directory.

Lingling also contacted the technology editor at  Xinhuanet, who has agreed to publish an OGC opinion piece on their website. Xinhua News Agency is the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China. We are working on the opinion piece and will submit it soon through Lingling.

Lingling is quick to understand what needs to be done and she has shown herself to be innovative and results-driven. She’s confident and personable and has a good understanding of market research, social media marketing, search engine marketing and market analysis. She’s had a great learning opportunity with us, and we’re hoping that one of our member companies or organizations will hire her so that she can continue to serve our OGC community!


See Lingling's July 3 blog post.