We thank our South Korean hosts for our recent successful meetings in Seoul

Recently, the OGC convened its 82nd Technical Committee and Planning Committee meetings in Seoul, South Korea.  These meetings were hosted by an OGC member, the Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs, and were held in conjunction with the annual Smart Geospatial Expo at the magnificent COEX center.  This merger of events afforded OGC members from over 71 organizations worldwide opportunities to participate in OGC committee and working group meetings, as well as to interact with hundreds of attendees of the Smart Geospatial Expo. This was also an opportunity for OGC members to visit the Expo to see firsthand the array of geospatial information products, services and implementations being advanced by the Korean private and public sectors. 

 Mark Reichardt with Gen. Seog-jun Song

 Mark Reichardt with Director General Seog-jun Song of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Policy and Cadastral Resurvey Planning Organization at MLTM.

We were also delighted to welcome into our OGC working group meetings a number of dignitaries from South Korea and also many distinguished international attendees of the Smart Geospatial Expo.  Of particular note was an excellent OGC Government Special Interest Group meeting led by Hae-Kyong Kang of the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS). This SIG included representatives from OGC member organizations and representatives from ministries in Latin America and Asia who came together to discuss the progress and issues associated with the advancement of Spatial Data Infrastructure initiatives in their nations and regions. 

South Korea is a leader in the advancement of smart location services and smart urban infrastructure, with a heavy emphasis on technologies to improve the livelihood of its citizens and to improve planning and operations of cities.  Recognizing this emphasis, an Interoperability Day event was convened during the week to address standards work related to the growing use of building information models (BIM) and 3D urban models.  This joint workshop on GIS-BIM was initially proposed by the Ad hoc group on GIS-BIM (Chair, Sangki Hong) of ISO/TC 211 and was organized by representatives from the Ad hoc group on GIS-BIM, ISO/TC 59/SC 13 (Organization of Information about construction works), buildingSmart International, and the OGC.  The workshop featured twenty speakers including OGC members Jiyeong Lee (vice chair, OGC IndoorGML Standards Working Group), Carsten Roensdorf (chair, OGC CityGML Standards Working Group), Paul Scarponcini (vice chair, OGC Simple Features Standards Working Group), and Scott Simmons (chair, OGC 3D Information Management Domain Working Group) who provided their perspectives on the progress of standards to address the challenge of GIS-BIM standardization for ubiquitous public access.

This was our third annual OGC TC / PC meeting held in the Asia / Pacific region.  Since we began convening OGC meetings in Asia in late 2010, OGC Asian membership has grown over 46%, from 49 to 72 members.  An OGC Asia Forum was formalized in 2011 to help better organize coordination of member coordination in the region.  We anticipate continued growth of OGC Asian membership.

On behalf of OGC’s membership, the OGC board of directors and staff, I wish to thank Director General Seog-jun Song of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Policy and Cadastral Resurvey Planning Organization at MLTM for his leadership and personal commitment to the OGC meetings in Seoul, and for his continuing support to the OGC mission.  Director General Song and I met on several occasions during the week to discuss the importance of open standards to the Korean economy and to the international community.  I deeply appreciate his commitment to the OGC mission, and I look forward to MLTM’s continued participation in the OGC process.   I also wish to thank Director Jae Kwang Sa of the Spatial Information Planning Division and all of the MLTM staff as well as Dr. Jinsoo You, OGC’s Director of Asian Services, who worked tirelessly to plan and facilitate a successful week of OGC meetings in Seoul.