David Wesloh Receives 2012 Gardels Award


Once each year, the OGC awards its highest honor, the Gardels Award, to an OGC member who has “made exemplary contributions to the OGC's consensus standards process”.  I had the pleasure of delivering the 2012 Gardels Award to Mr. David Wesloh of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency for his exemplary service to the Consortium in addressing interoperability issues on behalf of his agency and the broader defense and intelligence community. The impacts of his contribution indeed extend well beyond his community of interest. His efforts have served a range of other communities including emergency and disaster response, earth observation, environmental monitoring and a host of other applications requiring the prompt and accurate discovery, access, processing and application of diverse sources of geospatial information for improved situational awareness and decision making.  Please take time to read more about David’s contribution on our website at  http://www.opengeospatial.org/ogc/awards/gardels.

The Gardels Award was established in 1999 after Kenneth D. Gardels, a founding director of the OGC who coined the phrase “open GIS” and understood and promoted the power of access to geospatial information to improve decision making.  Ken died of cancer at an all too early age, but his vision and leadership have left a lasting imprint on the Consortium. 

I extend my congratulations to David and all of the past Gardels recipients for their vision, leadership and contributions to the OGC over the years.  The Consortium’s mission has been successful as a result of its member involvement.  I thank the member representatives of each and every government, industry, academic, research organization for participating in the OGC process to represent their communities’ interoperability and standards requirements.  Their dedication of human capital and their resources are the key to assuring the useful and freely accessible open standards produced by the OGC for use from the local to global level. 

Through David’s and our membership's collective efforts, OGC is making location count.