MundoGeo Connect Latin America 2012 - OGC participation Outcome


I was really happy to see all the excitement about OGC standards at MundoGeo Meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil last week. My keynote presentation had a lot in common with other speakers, emphasizing the need and challenges of making available more current geospatial data. These includes data that has been changed due to natural disasters and data merged with new technologies. The most mentioned new technology was augmented reality, where the GIS based layer changes from a based map to a lens in your mobile phone.
Some companies were recognized with prizes, where users voted for the best in a category. Lots of excitement, in particular when given to young successful companies. OGC won a special prize for helping on the integration of data worldwide.

About 170 participants attended the (OGC short Course). Of these, 130 were virtual participants. We had very good discussions. My favorite two questions were:
Question 1: Why do we have GML and KML? Answer: GML is excellent for modeling features of a domain. KML is excellent for encoding data for visualization. They complement each other.

Question 2: Can a web service be certified? Answer: Yes if the web service can be identified with a unique product name and version.


Other highlights from the meeting:

The website which is the Brazilian portal for their Spatial Data Infrastructure already has OGC services (WMS). A related INDE plan talks about future WFS and WCS services, and provides a useful architecture for an SDI.

Other projects are also implementing OGC services, such as the one mentioned in my SDI talk in the Bahia region (See 5 bellow). I was also thrilled to meet Daniel G. from (CPqD), currently the only OGC member in Brazil. CPqD provides solutions involving OGC Services to telecom organizations (e.g. See paper: Integrating Telecom Outside Plant Systems Through the GML Standard written in 2003).
Like CPqD other organizations were very interested in geospatial information related to infrastructure and utilities.

All my presentations from the meeting are publicly available:
Key Note Talk: "What is the Future of GIS?"
Short Course about OGC Standards and SDI: