GSDI 13 and the OGC Global Advisory Council

The work of the OGC has relevance across a number of domains or communities of interest, but in no domain has there has been more work done to harness the power of open geospatial standards than in the domain of Spatial Data Infrastructures. Earlier this month I had the pleasure of joining Mark Reichardt, Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Association Board member and President and CEO of the OGC, at the Global Geospatial Conference in Quebec. The GSDI Association was one of the primary organizers of that event along with GEOIDE and there was also the 7th 3D GeoInfo Conference, where OGC CityGML was presented extensively, with a number of OGC experts involved in that meeting too. In addition to my role at the OGC, I'm also Chair of the GSDI Association Outreach and Membership Committee, so I was pleased to see so much support from OGC members at these events.

A number of new GSDI Association members were announced, including PSMA Australia Limited (recently joined the OGC), CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, a longstanding OGC member) and CAF (Corporación Andina de Fomento, hopefully soon to be an OGC member!). Underscoring the overlap between membership of the OGC and the GSDI Association, there were some great presentations from OGC members who should provide OGC Blog posts in coming weeks. These were:

* Rüdiger Gartmann, con terra, Germany – Harmonization of License Conditions
* Steve Liang, University of Calgary, Canada – System to 'spider the Web' for OGC WMS Sites
* Denise McKenzie, DSE Victoria, Australia – Spatial Market Place, and ongoing OGC ANZ Forum activities and plans
* Michelle Anthony, US Geological Survey – Monitoring the Performance and Reliability of Geospatial Web Services: an overview of the USGS Status Checker and international collaborators.

We also held an OGC Global Advisory Council meeting (international experts who provide input to the OGC Board of Directors and OGC staff on local/regional matters, such as culture, policy and strategy), where Mark and I met with prominent industry stalwarts such as Mike Goodchild, Carmen Reyes, Mabel Alvarez, Fraser Taylor, Denise McKenzie (representing Bruce Thompson) and Luis Paulo Fortes. During the meeting we discussed education and training requirements for open standards in different parts of the world. This was a follow-on session from the Global Advisory Council meeting at the Geospatial World Forum in Amsterdam last month. 

Watch this space for some very informative blog posts relating to GSDI 13 presentations and read more about the Global Advisory Council here