Open Standards in Open Source Instruments at SensorExpo2012


OGC develops and publishes open standards not only for maps and geospatial analysis but also to help us share real time observed data from sensors. There is a very important activity within OGC called Sensor Web Enablement (SWE). The working groups within SWE advance standards that help plan, coordinate and implement sensors missions for everything from space-based Earth imaging and undersea ocean observatories to weather data and vehicle telematics. These standards play an essential role in using the Web to publish, discover, assess, access and manipulate sensors and live or stored sensor data, and in making the data useable in diverse applications. 

How easy is it to install SWE standards in instruments? With the help of GEOCENS, MBARI, 52North and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya I will present at the SensorsExpo 2012 (Chicago, June 6) a demo about building an open source instrument and making it work with OGC's open standards.

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