OGC and the UN

During the last week in March and the first week of April I had the fortune to visit UN offices in Vienna, Austria and Geneva, Switzerland. 

The UN's working group on geographical information (UNGIWG) held its annual plenary meeting in Vienna. This meeting was hosted by one of UNGIWG's co-chair organizations, CTBTO (the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Organization). The "GIS for the UN" event took place in the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) building in Geneva.


At the UNGIWG plenary many UNGIWG members described their work, which was a great opportunity to get an insight into their current activities. As some of you may know (our press release will be issued soon), the UNGIWG recently joined the OGC as a Principal Member. Explaining how best to benefit from their membership, exploring further opportunities for joint activities and answering interesting questions over three days allowed me - and I guess the UN participants as well - to leave the meeting enthusiastic about the upcoming cooperation.


The high level "GIS for the UN" conference organised by UNITAR's Operational Satellite Application Programme (UNISAT) and Esri was held the following week in Geneva. This gave me a perfect opportunity to catch up with some of the discussions from Vienna and to meet other UNGIWG members, who now can participate in the OGC process. The OGC's standards were mentioned many times throughout the event as the basis for achieving the goals of the UN as the UNSDI matures.


Both weeks were very exciting and you will hear more from me on this topic in future OGC Blog posts.