Vespucci Summer Institute 2012 to focus on interoperability

Contributed by: 
Werner Kuhn, Director, Institute for Geoinformatics, Westfälische Wilhems-Universität Münster, German

The Vespucci Initiative announces its 2012 summer institutes in Fiesole, near Florence (Italy): The first week, June 3-8, addresses the topic of "Interoperability 360". Discussion will contrast an approach backed by legislation (INSPIRE) with one based on voluntary contributions (the Global Earth Observatons System of Systems or GEOSS). OGC interoperability standards provide a foundation for technical interoperability in both approaches. Participants will discuss theoretical and practical aspects of the interoperability of systems, services, data, organisations, people, and disciplines from a holistic perspective. Facilitators are Ioannis Kanellopoulos (JRC), Stefano Nativi (CNR), Harlan Onsrud (University of Maine), Max Craglia (JRC), Michael Gould (ESRI), and Werner Kuhn (University of Muenster).

The second week, July 1-6, is a special event celebrating 10 years of Vespucci institutes. All Vespucci alumni and newcomers are invited to discuss the role of Spatial Information in Science and Society. Facilitators are many of the founders of the Vespucci Initiative, supported by guest speakers from several continents.

For more information and to apply before May 8th, please visit Please note that Vespucci is not a traditional summer school, but a gathering of interested people at any stages of their careers, to share their experience and enjoy slow food for thought! Some impressions from participants of earlier years can be gleaned from