FOSSGIS 2012 - the German speaking OSGeo Conference (Dessau, 20.-22. March 2012)

This year's Free and Open Source Software for GIS conference will take place in Dessau (Germany) from 20-22 March. [1] 
In recent years it has been a successful approach to combine the OSGeo conference with the Open Street Map
community event. As usual, many presentations cover open standards and OGC related topics. Geoportal applications for different communities will be presented as well as presentations on more technical aspects. The conference will also be attended by OGC members, many of whom will provide an insight into actual developments of OGC standards and related topics such as Semantic Web (RDF), 3D applications, WMTS, REST architectures etc.
I will provide an update on OGC's activities, working groups and recent outcomes from OGC Technical Committee
and Planning Committee meetings.
Running parallel to the conference are hands-on workshops in which participants will have the opportunity
to discuss and learn about different topics and try out software.


[2] Download the German news release for FOSSGIS 2012 here: