Emergency Management Domain Working Group

The mission of the Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) Domain Working Group (DWG) is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of users engaged in all stages of emergency and disaster activities. This group facilitates modifications and extensions to OGC Standards, resulting in geospatial products and other information resources that can be shared across communities in an interoperable manner.

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The OSPD project will explore the principles of reusability, portability, and transparency, within an Open Science Persistent Demonstrator. The goal is to enable and demonstrate prototyping technology solutions that create capacity for better and faster Earth Science research, comparison scenarios, as well as higher adoption of EO-based results and impact on society.  Ultimately, the Open Science Persistent Demonstrator will be a 24/7 available web application that demonstrates and tests scientific workflows across several existing platforms. The goal is to demonstrate how platforms operated by different organizations can be used for collaborative research and data representation.

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[October 18, 2023] The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is issuing a Call for Participation (CFP) for the Open Science Persistent Demonstrator (OSPD) Initiative. This Call for Participation invites organizations and individuals to join this multi-year project, which will support collaborative open science for the scientific community, decision-makers, and the general public. Collaborative Open Science is essential to addressing complex challenges whose solutions lie in cross-sector integrations that leverage expertise and data from diverse domains while prioritizing integrity. By making it simple to connect data and platforms together in transparent, reusable and reproducible workflows, the OGC OSPD aims to enable innovation through collaborative open science. OGC’s OSPD Initiative focuses on connecting geospatial and earth observation (EO) data and platforms to enable and demonstrate solutions that create capacity for novel research and accelerate its practical implementation.

Funding is available for participants, supported by sponsorship by OGC Strategic Members the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA).

Responses to the CFP are due by December 1, 2023, @11:59 PM AoE. All details on eligibility, benefits of participating, and how to apply are available in the CFP document. Once you have prepared your proposal, you should make your submission at this link.

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