OGC, as a consortium of over 500 of the most influential geospatial organizations, is the global forum for innovation and standards in location technology. As such, we are uniquely positioned to track the latest tech innovations and forecast their impact on geospatial - something we undertake quarterly as part of our Tech Trends process.

Technological change is as inevitable as it is beneficial. However, it’s those organizations that anticipate technological change that benefit the most from it.

In order to help the 80% of businesses that need to “get smart” about new technologies, we’ve recently made our Tech Trends insights available for any organization to use in their business planning.

OGC Tech Trends uniquely provides technology assessments based on peer-reviewed material spanning ICT, science, and any technologies supporting the collection, processing, and understanding of geospatial information. Periodic updates include: a refresh of the emerging trends mindmap; analysis of the trends using the AI-based Geospatial Technology Explorer; grouping of synergetic trends for analysis; roadmaps for select groupings; and a single summary chart depicting the Priority Tech Trends.

Your organization can benefit from OGC’s Tech Trends reports as a means to align your internal R&D efforts with the emerging trends seen in the industry.

OGC uses the insights gained from the Tech Trends activity to advance current OGC Standards, and shape OGC Innovation Program activities, in a manner that addresses the constant evolution of technology and markets.

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