OGC Member Portal Training Webinar


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Tuesday, 14 April, 2020 - 09:00
Tuesday, 14 April, 2020 - 10:00
Event Description: 


OGC is pleased to invite members to attend the OGC Member Portal Training Webinar, which will provide you with introductory guidance on how to use the gateway to all things OGC, the OGC Portal.
The training will cover the following  modules:

  • Programs of OGC
  • Groups, Committees, engagement and email management
  • Adding Users and networking with other members
  • Events, active initiatives

Who should attend?

  • New Members
  • Business Representatives 
  • Technical Representatives
  • New Portal Users
  • Anyone wanting a refresher on the portal 

Attend this webinar as we explore the member benefits found within the OGC Portal. This 1 hour guided tour will show you how to manage your membership, explain the difference between Standard Working Groups and Domain Working Groups (SWG and DWG), and will feature a Q&A session with our staff. This webinar will be recorded and available on our website. 

This is a webinar; so, please ensure that you have a suitable internet connection in order to join on the scheduled date and time only. We use GoToWebinar.
For any technical support required before, or during the webinar session, please refer to the Go To Webinar FAQs page at https://www.gotomeeting.com/en-ae/webinar/online-webinar-support.
The session handout is downloadable during the running session and will be made available to registrants. 
The session recording will be shared with all attendees once it is available. 

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