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Why OGC Certification?

“Achieving OGC certification is extremely important to us as an organization - we are proud to have more than 30 products compliant with OGC standards.  Globally, OGC certification is a credential recognized when we approach new opportunities and business partners.  Our customers also benefit by having our products easily integrate into an open environment, enabling them to implement the best solution across their enterprise”.

Stan Tillman (Hexagon)

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If you have any questions about the compliance process or about how to get your product "OGC certified" please contact Gobe Hobona, the Director of the Compliance Program.


    Overview of Compliance Program




    The Importance of Compliance Testing

    The purpose of the OGC Compliance Program is to increase system interoperability while reducing technology risks. Vendors gain confidence that they are providing a product compliant with OGC standards, which will be easier to integrate and easier to market. Buyers gain confidence that a compliant product will work with another compliant product based on the same OGC standard, regardless of which company developed the product.

    The OGC Compliance Program provides a free online testing facility, a process for certification of compliant products, and coordination of a vibrant community of developers. 


    Trademark Licensing Fees

    OGC Tests are free to execute. However, for permission to use the “Certified OGC Compliant” Mark associated with an OGC Standard, an organization that has a version of a product that has passed the test for a particular version of a standard must pay an annual fee for trademark licensing.  The OGC displays all OGC-licensed products on its Compliant Products web page .

    The annual License Fee depends on the Total Gross Annual Revenue (TGAR) of the Licensee  and the type of membership the Licensee has with OGC. If the Licensee has a parent company, the TGAR of the parent company shall be used to calculate the fee. 

    OGC Trademark License Fee Schedule
    Gross Annual Revenue Non Member Member Member Unlimited Option
    USD License Fee per Product License Fee per Product Associate Technical Principal Strategic
    Unlimited Package Unlimited Package Unlimited Package Unlimited Package
    $0-<$5M $300 $150 na $600 $300 $150
    $5M-<$50M $1,200 $600 na $2,400 $1,200 $600
    $50M-<$500M $3,600 $1,800 na $7,200 $3,600 $1,800
    $500M+ $12,500 $6,250 na $25,000 $12,500 $6,250

    For example, assume Company “The Company” has a product “The Product” for which version 5.0 has successfully passed the test for the OGC standard “WFS 2.0”. The Company is an Associate OGC member and its TGAR is $2 M. The Fee to allow The Company to use the Certification Mark for stating that The Product version 5.0 compliance with WFS 2.0 is OGC compliant is $150 per year.

    Note: If an organization is not-for-profit or government the TGAR used is the first level ($0-<$5M).


    The OGC Annual Trademark License fee structure includes a Member Unlimited Option on the annual payments for Trademark License fees for members at the Technical, Planning, and Strategic membership levels. Many of our members have multiple products and multiple implementations that could enjoy the benefits of OGC branding. This Member Unlimited Option benefits those members that participate at the voting levels of membership.

    For example, assume that The Company is now a Technical OGC Member. The Company, based on the TGAR of $2M, will pay a maximum License Fee of $600 per year. Any additional products, which successfully complete OGC Compliance Testing Evaluation for any standards, will not require additional license fees to be paid.


    Adding Products to a Trademark License during a Licensee's Trademark License Year

    When an existing licensee adds a Product that has successfully passed compliance testing during the Trademark License Year, the appropriate Trademark License Fee for each such Product is pro-rated for the balance of the Trademark License Year on a whole month basis. If the number of Products licensed during a licensee's Trademark License Year exceeds the Member Unlimited Option for a licensee's OGC membership level, OGC will notify the Member that no additional Trademark License Fee is assessed under the Member Unlimited Option.

    Getting More information 

    The Compliance Testing Program Policies & Procedures (OGC document 08-134r10) provides more detailed information about the program and the license.

    If you have further questions, please contact compliance [at]